The Victors of the Hunger Games are showered in wealth and bathed in riches after they emerge from the Hunger Games as winners. Most choose to live in the prestigious Victors Village, a section of each District devoted entirely to the homes of the Victors. 

Many of the Victors turn to drugs or alcohol after the Games as a coping method to numb the traumatic memories experienced in the arena. Also, seeing as most victories are from the Career Districts, Victors have to watch tributes they have personally mentored die. 

Throughout the Hunger Games Era, there have been 75 Victors. Before the Third Quarter Quell, and the subsequent Victors Purge, there were 59 Victors still alive. By the end of the Second Rebellion, only 7 Victors were known to be still alive. 16 died of natural causes, 18 died in the 75th Hunger Games and the other 34 were killed during the Victors Purge. 

Early Years (1ADD-15ADD)Edit

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