District 1 Seal
District 1 
is one of the wealthiest Districts of Panem. Its primary industry is manufacturing luxury items for the Capitol and as a result has a generally favorable relationship with it. These luxuries include diamonds and other precious gems, such as emeralds and sapphires. It seems that parents from District 1 name their children after precious items and their attributes, which may be a reflection on their "glamorous" nature. Children in District 1 almost always seem to take pride in competing in the Hunger Games, and are among the group of tributes that band together to pick off the weaker contestants, known as Careers.

According to a recent cencus, the population of District 1 is 24,315 people.


Some of the jobs that are available in District 1 include:

  • Jeweler
  • Perfumer
  • Furrier
  • Goldsmith
  • Winemaker
  • Hair Stylist


Across the Hunger Games era, hundreds of District 1 children were Reaped and escorted from their families. Not many of the names, ages or backstories of the Tributes have been confirmed. Across the 75 years of the ADD era, and the Hunger Games that may have followed on after the Second Rebellion, an unknown number of tributes emerged as Victors. Because the Tributes from District 1 are considered as Careers, the number of victories would be much larger than those of the outlying districts of Panem. 

Known Tributes

Known Victors