The Panem Era 


  • North America is devestated with rising water levels and the "end of the world" disasters. Panem rises up from the ashes with a shining Capitol and 13 surrounding Districts. Each District specialises in different everyday items for the citizens of the Capitol, such as ribbons, transportation or electronics. 



  • Coriolanus Snow is born in the Capitol.

The Dark Days

  • 13 Districts rebel against the Capitol for the oppressive rules administered. 
  • Children from outside Districts are sent to District 1 in order to excape the life-threatening conditions in their homes. Derek Luthe is one of the children transported to the District. 
  • The Capitol invents muttations, genetically engineered creatures, to fight back against the rebelling districts. Known muttations include Tracker Jackers (in the form of wasps, who were easily sedated by smoke) and Jabberjays (birds designed to clearly repeat messages used to spy on the rebels, which backfired in the Capitol's face when the rebels caught on to what the birds were created for and began sending false information).
  • It is revealed by President Snow that District 13 started the uprising, however abandoned it when they won their freedom rights and the war began to turn south. They gained this freedom by capturing the nuclear weapons and bartering a cease-fire, in other words, agreeing to masquerade as a wasteland in exchange for being left alone by the Capitol. 
  • 12 Districts of Panem are defeated, the 13th supposedly obliterated.
  • Jabberjays are deemed a failure and sent into the wild to die off. Instead, they mate with female mockingbirds and mockingjays emerge. 
  • The Treaty of Treason is written to end the war and the Hunger Games are instated.

The Hunger Games Era


  • The Hunger Games are established by the Capitol in order to solidify their rule over the districts.
  • Capitol Attendants are given strict mentor roles for each tribute in the Games. They give out minimal information about what to expect in the arena.
  • The 1st Annual Hunger Games take place.